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Dr. Patkar's Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Refined (200ml)

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    • Hair, Skin & Beauty purpose
    • Salad dressing, Marinating and tenderizing
    • Natural skin toner
    • Works as Anti-acne and Anti-pimple

Apple Cider Vinegar is a multi-speciality product used for health care, skin care, hair purpose. For cooking & applying on skin there is no need of mother or enzymes which is abundant in health vinegar. Natural Vinegar is used for salad dressing, Marinating and tenderizing. Vinegar helps to break down cellulose in any fibrous or stringy vegetables. Dr. Patkar’s Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is also used for skin & hair care purposes as it is refined & does not contain the Mother. When used for hair : Balance the pH of hair Removes dirt & grease from hair Natural Anti-Dandruff Removes chemical buildup from other products(shampoo, conditioner etc) For Skin Care : It can be used on skin as a natural skin toner It also works as Anti-acne and Anti-pimple Used to make homemade aftershave

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