Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)
Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)
Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)
Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)
Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)

Dr Patkars Blackstrap Molasses (300 Gram)

Black Strap Molasses 

Molasses is a by-product obtained from the processing of sugarcane into table  sugar. Most importantly molasses has high mineral content. Molasses is making a  comeback from past, because it is a super-food in its own right, with many  amazing health benefits that range from blood sugar balance to being rich in  nutrients to being a great skin and hair remedy. Molasses is loaded with vitamins,  minerals and trace elements also a good source of iron, vitamin B6, potassium,  calcium and magnesium. 


Black strap molasses (cane molasses) 


  • Safe to use: 100% vegetarian, No fillers, No binders or common allergens,  No preservatives, contains nothing other than listed ingredients. • Convenient option - Easy to store (No refrigeration required). 


  • Brand – Dr. Patkar’s  
  • Type – Black Strap Molasses 
  • Age – 15yrs to Senior citizens 
  • Quantity:  300gms 

Benefits of Black Strap Molasses 

  • Purifies Blood. 
  • Helps increase hemoglobin levels 
  • Aids in treating constipation  
  • Maintains Strong bones 
  • Balances blood sugar levels  
  • Reduces Menstrual cramps 
  • Promotes Healthy Hair growth 
  • Prevents premature graying of Hair 
  • Prevents and shrinks fibroids 

How to use 

  • Molasses tastes good with jowar bhakri, puranpoli, bajri bhakri, which also  helps give you all the required nutrients. 
  • 15gms (1Tbsp.)  in a glass of warm water with 1/2 tsp of lemon juice, early morning on empty stomach.
  • Add a spoon-full of BSM in oatmeal, lemonade & marinades etc. 
  • Can also be used as toppings on cakes, ice-creams etc 
  • BSM can be used in baking and cooking as well.

Available @ Major Online Stores and Organic Food Stores


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