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Science VS Fiction

Top Five Traditional Practices: Science VS Fiction?

Top Five Traditional Practices: Science VS Fiction? We have been told to follow a few traditional practices largely because our ancestors have followed or asked us to follow in the name of spiritual reason. They often restricted our reasoning and cautioned us not to ask questions.Today, with the advent of growing science and technology, this generation is equipped with good instruments and rationalists to have paved the way of ...

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Healthy India

Ensure a Healthy You This Republic Day

Ensure a Healthy You This Republic DayThis year India is celebrating its 70th Republic Day. This day is remembered as the start of a new constitution. This is the actual time when everyone needs to step forward to make India a clean, green and a healthier country.So, as the nation takes steps to ensure a ...

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New year resolution

Top five tips for New Year Resolutions

TOP FIVE   TIPS TO MAKE OUR HEALTH RESOLUTION EFFECTIVE!!!! It’s time to ring in the New Year; we all look forward to this day with great excitement and an extended celebration from Christmas Eve, to New Year. It is a season of gifting to all our loved ones or playing secret Santa with our 9 AM to 6 PM family.

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The Organic Pick

The organic walk

The Organic walk- A walk towards healthier ‘You’ We are all aware that many lifestyle disorders are rising. It is not any more age-specific attack, but the younger generation is also falling prey as well. The crucial role is played by food and its quality that is making people vulnerable to such life-threatening disorders. “The Organic Walk” was an event organized by “The Organic Pick” to create awareness as ...

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Nourish,Nurture and Nest

Nourish, Nurture & Nest – Our elders!!!Aging is a natural process similar to birth and death. As we grow older, we become more vulnerable to and susceptible to diseases due to our changing nutritional requirements. Eating well is the most important and crucial for all age groups. Especially, in old age, it is important to maintain nutrition to improve the quality of health.Aging also brings changes in our perception, physiological, general limitations in turn affecting the nutritional status of the individual.

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post feasting

Post Festive detox

Many of us eagerly await for festivals, so that we could meet our friends and relatives, away from the busy schedule, a Mental Detox which is very essential for our mental health.  However, it is also this time of the year where are a strict regime that we would otherwise follow religiously is skipped.However, the atmosphere is very fun and celebrating mood and this creates a memory in our brain which unconsciously waits for the fun-filled mood again. The most important bonding factor is “FOOD”.

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impact on health

feasting-fasting -festival impact on us

Festivals –Feasting –Fasting (3F’s)   Impacts Us? India is a diverse country with different languages spoken, traditional practices followed, leading to different cuisines. Mainly food served across India will amaze people all over the world .Since each senses will be awakened with the bust of flavors added in our food with utmost care taken to help our body digest it .For example a wholesome breakfast such as parathas or idli which was ...

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Refined products and health

Celebrate freedom from refined products

CELEBRATE   FREEDOM   FROM DEPENDENCE ON REFINED     PRODUCTS   India is stepping in to 72nd year of independence with advancement of Science ...

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breast feeding can reverse diabetes in pregnancy

Diabetes in pregnanacy

DIABETES AND BREAST FEEDING –NATURAL REGULATOR OF SUGARS Diabetes is not a disease but a disorder which affects nearly 50 million people in our country. This number indicates averages that are diagnosed with different types. Yet, there would be evident half, who   is pre-diabetic.In the recent years this form of diabetes is exponentially increasing in pregnancy called “GESTATIONAL DIABETES”.

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Breast feeding protects against Cancer.-BREAST IS BEST   Cancer is the most common non communicable disease increasing three to five folds in the recent years. Among all different types, Women of age group above 30 years of age are often diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This is the most prevalent cancer affecting 40% ...

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benefits of motherhood

Breast feeding -Benefits

BREAST FEEDING BENEFITS – BIRTH OF A NEW MOTHER   Women undergo many physical changes from pregnancy to breast feeding (birth of the child) & menopause. These stages have different impact on physical and mental health status of women. The journey from pregnancy to post delivery is the most over whelming experience for the mother to ...

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liver disease, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis

Hepatitis - Inflammation of the liver

28th July is celebrated as World Hepatitis Day in order to raise awareness about the infectious disease of Hepatitis. This day is focused to spread awareness and encourage prevention, diagnosis & treatment.What is Hepatitis?Hepatitis is basically an inflammation of the liver. This condition can be cured or can progress to cirrhosis or liver cancer.There are many types of hepatitis.Hepatitis AA highly contagious liver ...

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Monsoon Friendly – Benefits Of Eating Bhutta (CORN)

Eating roasted corn during the monsoon season is quite fun.Corn apart from being delicious is highly rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals and provides various health benefits.It gives you a good amount of dietary fibre that you need along with some complex carbohydrates that are great sources of energy. Although corn is usually grouped together with other grains and used in similar ways, it is not actually a grain & does not contain ...

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Yoga Day

Yoga: Art of living

Life has become hectic today and that’s because it has become goal-oriented & competitive. Is there time for yourself in this busy lifestyle? No…!!!Then how do we spare time for ourselves. By simply doing yoga exercises or doing what you love the most you can make a significant difference in your life. In this blog, the focus is more on yoga and its benefits.Yoga is an ancient art originated in India

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International Women’s Health Day – Top 5 steps to stay healthy for today’s women

International Women’s Health Day – Top 5 steps to stay healthy for today’s women

May 28, is celebrated as International day of action for Women’s health day. The main objective of this day is to raise awareness on the issues related to women’s health such as Sexual & Reproductive health. Simple steps to be healthy & happy:

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6 reasons why sitting on the floor to eat food is healthy

6 reasons why sitting on the floor to eat food is healthy

·        It’s Yoga: Indians sitting in a cross legged position -  an Asana. Asana allows the ...

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copper vessel, brass vessel

Water in brass vessel is ‘Healthy’

It is believed since ancient times that drinking water should be stored in a brass vessel. This has been proved scientifically by researchers. The zinc and copper present in the brass boost immunity and protect you against illness. Microbiologists say that water stored in brass containers could help reduce water-borne diseases and brass should be used in developing countries rather than their cheaper alternatives i.e ...

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The Body Clock ,Circadian Cycle

The Body Clock / Circadian Cycle

The universe is amazing. It has cycles for everything i.e. the seasons, weather, etc. But did you know our body also has a cycle? Our body too is a miraculous machine just like we have fixed times to go to work, eat, sleep and ...

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World Health Day

World Health Day 2018

World Health Day 2018 is a unique opportunity to engage people to know about health. This is the day when we celebrate health. Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being. On this day you can take special steps for your health such as ...

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World Water Day

World Water Day

Water is life! No one can survive without water. Everyone knows this and to spread the importance of water, we celebrate World Water Day. Why is it so important to take a day to recognize water?

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Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa

Gudi padwa marks the Maharashtrian New Year. It is celebrated during spring and is also a harvest festival celebrated in Maharashtra and in Konkan areas.Maharashtrians celebrate the day by decorating their houses and also make colourful rangoli. A special Gudi flag, generally ...

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No Smoking Day

Be a quitter this No Smoking Day

Be a quitter this No Smoking DayWhy is it so important to have a day set for this? It has become very clear how terribly dangerous smoking is to the human body. What is also important to know is that it may be a personal ...

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Women’s day

Women’s – The Pride of Nation

Its unbelievable that a woman plays various role with love & determination. ’Women’ She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife & the most kind person at her work place. She is generous, passionate and she finds solutions to all her problems. Not only she is beautiful, but her inner strength is the most beautiful thing on earth. She is the one who gives life to a life. And the prettiest thing about a ...

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Support every cancer

Cancer - A Silent Killer

World Cancer Day, on February 4 is a day to unite in the fight against cancer, make people aware of cancer & to encourage its prevention, detection & treatment. The primary goal of this day is to reduce this illness & death caused due to cancer.

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